Barbican | FIRETITE™ A2 Fire Rated Cavity Insulation

Barbican | FIRETITE™ A2 Fire Rated Cavity Insulation

At Site Sealants, we’re proud to have played a crucial role as the main contractor for the cavity insulation in the refurbishment of a former dance studio in Barbican, London, now being transformed into modern office space. Working alongside esteemed partners including Orbit Architects and GPF Lewis, our team ensured the successful completion of this prestigious project.

The challenges were significant; Orbit Architects required a cavity wall insulation product compliant with stringent fire regulations, with a focus on thermal performance.

The project faced location restrictions and tight schedules, making efficiency paramount. Our solution?

FIRETITE™, a top-tier mineral clay cavity wall insulation chosen for its Class A2 fire rating and environmental properties.
With thermal conductivity, FIRETITE™ offers both safety and efficiency, meeting the project’s demands while contributing to BREEAM certification.

Site Sealants, as an approved FIRETITE™ installer, delivered seamless application across all eight floors, ensuring compliance and exceeding expectations. We’re thrilled to have been part of this transformation and look forward to future collaborations with GPF Lewis and other esteemed partners. Trust Site Sealants for your next project.