Barnton Avenue West | Roofing

Barnton Avenue West | Roofing

The Avenue, a premium residential development in the prestigious Barnton area of Edinburgh, features contemporary one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments and penthouses, along with four stylish three-bedroom villas. Located in a sought-after, leafy area with views of a golf course and close to city amenities and transport links, The Avenue offers a blend of tranquility and convenience.

Sustainable Design Recognised

The Avenue has been awarded the NextGeneration Project Gold Award for its outstanding sustainability standards. This accolade highlights the project’s commitment to environmental and social criteria that go beyond the basic requirements, reflecting our dedication to sustainable construction practices.

Top-Quality Flat Roofing and Waterproofing with RESITRIX®

For The Avenue, we chose the RESITRIX® hybrid EPDM and bituminous single ply membrane for both the flat roofs and terraces of the apartments and villas. This system was selected to provide superior waterproofing and durability, ensuring long-term protection with minimal maintenance.

Key Advantages of the RESITRIX® System:

  • Versatility and Strength: Ideal for flat roofs and terraces, including high-traffic and paved areas, RESITRIX® delivers reliable performance during both the construction and operational phases.
  • Reliable Supply: The membrane was readily available from UK stock, allowing us to manage costs effectively and support efficient scheduling and logistics.
  • Hybrid Benefits: Combining the durability of a bituminous membrane with the flexibility and elasticity of EPDM, RESITRIX® offers the best of both materials in one solution.
  • Extended Service Life: The robust construction and low maintenance needs of RESITRIX® align with the quality expectations of The Avenue, ensuring longevity and value for the residents.

Safe and Professional Installation

Our roofing contractor, Site Sealants, recommended and installed the RESITRIX® system, providing a £10 million insurance-backed warranty. Their expertise and confidence in the product ensured a flawless installation. The RESITRIX® system’s installation process uses a hot air gun instead of open flames, enhancing safety on-site and reducing risks.

All Site Sealants personnel are trained in the application of the RESITRIX® system, ensuring consistent, high-quality work throughout the project.

Experience the Quality of The Avenue

At The Avenue, Barnton Avenue West, we demonstrate how premium flat roofing and waterproofing solutions can enhance the durability and sustainability of a development. Visit us to see firsthand the high standards and thoughtful design that set this project apart.


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