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Spray Coatings

Our waterproofing services include the supply and application of spray Polyurea coating, a versatile waterproofing material renowned for its effectiveness in safeguarding industrial and commercial surfaces from water damage. This liquid coating swiftly cures to create a robust, waterproof barrier, making it an ideal solution for projects that are exposed to harsh weather conditions. Our expert team utilises Polyurea to waterproof roofs, foundations, and more, ensuring protection against resistance to water, chemicals, abrasion, and impact. Its quick curing time and remarkable strength make it indispensable in industrial and commercial applications.

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Top Golf | Waterproofing

Our now completed Waterproofing Job at Top Golf for Luddon Construction Limited - By applying JUTA UK Titantank to the retaining walls of the structure, we have ensured that the structure is not...

North Muirton Primary | Waterproofing

Waterproofing job carried out by our team at North Muirton Primary for ACREO. Using RIW Sheetseal and RIW DPM (Damp Proof Membrane/Water Proof Membrane) to ensure the structure is protected from...

Sir Robert McAlpine at Haymarket | Roofing

Our work at Haymarket, Sir Robert McAlpine is on going. We have now completed Building 1's roofing and are progressing well with the roofing on Building 4 & 5. The below images show the Carlisle...